Boost Your Memory With These Great Tips

Your memory is what you depend on to remember the good things from your past, those beautiful memories that you never ever want to forget. It’s also exactly what you use to remember where you put the vehicle keys, and exactly what products you need to pick up at the store. If you need aid improving your memory, this article ought to provide you some tips on making that happen.  The wellness of your body has a direct effect on the health of your memory. The brain is an organ much like your heart or lungs. Activities that improve your physical well being will certainly ensure that it functions at the highest level possible. Care for yourself, rest, eat a healthy diet plan and exercise.

Boost Your Memory


When trying to memorize new info, make the effort and effort to think of how this unknown material relates to something that you currently understand and comprehend. By discovering a relationship in between brand-new concepts and previously discovered material, you will increase the likelihood of dedicating the brand-new information to memory. Build constant study times into your schedule. To build your long-term memory, you need to combat the urge to stuff. Cramming information will put it in your short-term memory, and it will quickly be up to the wayside once the information is made use of. To actually commit something to your memory, develop daily sessions where you study it with genuine focus. Keep it constant, and you will certainly quickly find the information is with you for the long run!

Improve memory with mnemonics. Utilize an acronym to keep in mind lists of associated things. For example, ‘Houses’ is made use of to keep in mind the names of the Terrific Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. The first letter of the words in a sentence can represent a list of letters that you need to remember. For instance, “Every great child does fine” can be made use of to memorize the notes on the lines of a treble clef: E, G, B, D and F. Teaching other individuals is a fantastic way for enhancing your memory. Informing the story of when you revealed your grandchild the best ways to swim to others, will help you keep in mind the occasion more clearly. That will strengthen it in your mind, and make it more challenging to forget.



An excellent tip that can help you improve your memory is to ensure that you’re keeping your stress levels in check. Too much anxiety has actually been revealed to severely harm memory functions. Spend some time to relax and loosen up if you are aiming to improve your memory. A great pointer that can assist you improve your memory is to pay more focus on your environments and to exactly what’s being stated. You can’t expect to recall something you have actually found out if you didn’t even pay very close attention in the first place. Try to be alert at all times to be able to bear in mind things later on.

One pointer for assisting to keep in mind things is to associate words and expressions with images. For example, let’s state you need to do something at 3 o’clock. It’s tough to remember simply three, but if you associate the memory with the three little pigs, you’re most likely to bear in mind exactly what time it was that you had something to do. When you consider how your memory is, make certain you view yourself in a postivie light. If you think you have a bad memory, the self satisfying prediction will certainly come into result and you will certainly have a more challenging time in fact keeping in mind things. Reward yourself for the important things that you do remember, and you will certainly see an enhancement rapidly.

As you can see from this article, there are a lot of things that you can be doing to keep your memory active and functioning well. It’s only natural to begin getting a bit forgetful as you age, but that doesn’t mean that you have to handle amnesia that avoids you from living your life to the fullest.  See to it your attention if concentrated on the product you want to bear in mind. If you have other diversions going on around you – music playing, the TELEVISION on, kids talking, and so on – your mind will not be able to concentrate on the product. This will result in it being difficult to remember exactly what you have actually studied. Keep a diary or calendar for visits. This is extremely practical in bearing in mind crucial dates or occasions. Be consistent with it and keep it in the same location all the time. You must take a look at it every day to update it and to ensure there isn’t really anything you are forgetting.



An excellent pointer that can help you enhance your memory is to seek aid if you’re experiencing depression. Depression can do a number on your brain. It can make it hard for you to focus and bear in mind things. Getting correct treatment can assist you improve your memory. Move around. Motion can assist you keep in mind things. If you are trying to find out something, repeat it to yourself while pacing and even while you are exercising. Moving around can likewise be really useful when you are attempting to recall something you are having difficulty keeping in mind. Complete body movement will assist your memory. If you have a bad memory and you are on certain medications, you might wish to get a pill organizer. By doing this, you will bear in mind to take your medicine at the time you need to. Also, if you have actually forgotten whether you have actually taken your medication or not, you can always take a look at your capsule organizer.

Try visual association to assist with memory issues. The strategy basically entails putting an image with each phrase you wish to memorize, making remembering that expression easier. Researches have revealed that incorporating words and pictures can be an effective way to remember things. Try it next time you’re studying for an examination. Try working on learning a brand-new ability if your brain feels unfocused and your memory is lacking. New abilities use new parts of the brain and force you to expand your point of views.

If you have a list of words that you need to keep in mind, try putting them in alphabetical order. Our society has already categorized numerous usual items into alphabetical lists, so it is a pattern that your brain recognizes with. As a result, when you alphabetize a list of words, your brain acknowledges the widely known familiar pattern and has a simpler time remembering them at a later date.

Evo Pills – Enhance Your Concentration with This Effective Memory Booster

As a bank manager I need to interpret and analyze a lot of significant data, numerical charts etc. My job involves a lot of mental work, but a few months back, I experienced difficulty in concentrating on my work, my efficiency and productivity decreased. I tried many memory boosters but nothing worked in my favor and I was left with a deep hole in my wallet. Then one day my close buddy, William suggested I try the evo pills, within a few days I noticed considerable improvement in my performance, I was able to stay focused on my task. Moreover without getting any fatigue I was able to enhance my efficiency, productivity and eventually get appreciations from my higher-ups. Some of my views and experience with this herbal memory booster will help you to know more about the product and get the utmost results.

Increases your overall concentration power

Evo pills are efficient memory boosters that not only augment your memory power but also preserve your overall well being. Consistently using this product will assist you to improve your concentration power and stay focused on your work.

It is advisable that for every morning, you take 2 evo pills


Evo pills contain some vital and beneficial constituents which are clinically proven to work effectively on both genders. The ingredients’ names are not revealed however all the components are found to be absolutely organic and safe to use.

Working pattern

Your brains’ cognitive power gets sufficiently strengthened with the intake of the evo pills. This product helps in removing your mental weariness and sense an enhancement in your energy power. Taking this cognitive enhancer on a frequent basis assists in instantaneously improving your short term memory as well as fortifying long term memory power. The human brain is made up of 150 billion cells. These cells work in unison and are interdependent. Hence proper communication or signals need to be given. Evo pills works like a global positioning system (GPS) in your car, positioning or accumulating the vital data in the suitable places of your brain and thus improves your memory power into manifolds. Evo pills help your brain to get relieved from stress and keep it in a relaxed and rejuvenated state.

Evo pills also assist your brain to focus on the fresh particulars which you observe and enhance this procedure at a swifter rate. This process is somewhat akin to a cross country running race. The more the cross country sprinter gets prepared the swifter he will be on the running track.

Absolutely safe product

Do not bother about the side effects, as evo pills are a 100% safe to use products. All its ingredients are clinically proven and are safe and simple to use. This affordable herbal memory booster will not put much financial burden on you. They are easily accessible in all the leading medical outlets at throwaway prices. Another significant benefit you have is the expediency of getting your money back if you are unsatisfied with the product within 30 days of usage. Do not falter; improve your memory power with evo pills and increase your efficiency into manifolds.

The Many Different Type Of Yeast Infections, And Why Yeastrol Work So Well

Yeast infections are a fact of life for a large portion of the human population, there are many different types of yeast infections affecting different parts of the body, all with different names as well. To list just a few there are vaginal yeast infections, athletes foot, ringworm, yeast bladder infections, seborrheic dermatitis, diaper rash, and even some kinds of dandruff are caused by infections of yeast. The human body has a delicate balance between yeast and bacteria living on the outer surface, all mucous membranes, the digestive tract,  and when things get out of balance the opportunistic yeast takes over.  Let’s take a look at a few ways to help prevent yeast infections an excellent way of treating yeast infection you might already have.

Maintain Your Body’s  Exterior Clean And Dry

While many things, such as a stress, and diet, can give yeast  an advantage then lead to an infection,  the biggest causes are moisture and  darkness. You can also rinse highly susceptible areas, such as groin area and feet, in mild solutions of vinegar or lemon juice, to help combat the yeast and keep it at bay. Also, many medicated baby powders with  zinc oxide are excellent for not only keeping an area dry, but the zinc kills yeast and bacteria at the same time.

Yeastrol Is An Excellent, All-Natural Yeast Infection Medication

In checking online customer reviews this all-natural yeast infection medication has been found to be quite effective in curing yeast diaper rash in babies,  vaginal yeast infection in women, and athletes foot as well. It is made from 12 different natural homeopathic ingredients, all known to inhibit the growth of yeast. It comes in a spray that is non-toxic, and can be used anywhere in the body. There are no known drug interactions or allergies reported in hundreds of positive recommendations, after thousands of uses.  Since it has no chemicals, is only made from natural ingredients, there are no known side effects, and its action is quicker  than most other over-the-counter products you can buy.

Where Can You Find Yeastrol, And What To Look For

Since his all-natural yeast killing medicine does not need a prescription in order to buy,  you can easily find it online with a simple Google search. The parent company that manufactures the spray is called Pacific Naturals, they’re known for producing only high-quality products with the best ingredients, and only the most strict manufacturing procedures they are also members in good standing with the Natural Products Association as well.   Many natural and health food stores also carry this beneficial medicine, as well as other products from the Pacific Natural Company. In comparing prices, however, it appears the online retailers are much less expensive than the local retail health food stores.

Getting yeast infections in different places on your body is fairly common throughout the history of humans, however, certain inventions such as shoes, hats, and underwear seem to aggravate the problem of moisture next to the skin. Once you’ve sufficiently killed the yeast, with this all-natural medication, it would be a wise idea to use medicated baby powder on a regular basis afterwards.

Important Information About 5-HTP

5-HTP is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the human brain. It is less commonly known as oxitriptan. This amino acid is directly involved in the biosynthesis of serotonin and melatonin. All of these substances directly effect the central nervous system and are associated with feelings of happiness.

Though 5-HTP is naturally occurring, it can sometimes be found in food in insignificant amounts. It is, however, involved in how the human body metabolizes tryptophan. Tryptophan is found in foods such as milk, meat, certain green vegetables and potatoes. There is no solid evidence of relevant amounts of 5-HTP being found in food.

In recent years, many people have begun taking 5-HTP supplements over the counter. These supplements are sold over the counter in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Individuals typically take a 5-HTP supplement as an antidepressant. Some people also claim it has positive effects as a natural appetite reducer and sleep aid. It should be noted that there is a lack of high quality studies surrounding the use of 5-HTP over the counter.

While 5-HTP is most commonly supplemented via over the counter tablets, it has recently become available in the form of a transdermal patch. This patch, however, is currently available only in the United Kingdom. As this patch just recently became available in 2014, it has not picked up the popularity of usage that 5-HTP pill supplements are known for.

Interestingly, 5-HTP is frequently consumed by individuals who use the drug MDMA. MDMA is an illegal mood enhancing drug, and the usage is often followed by a crash. This crash causes users to experience feelings of unpleasantness, depression and related emotions. 5-HTP is used to boost the production of serotonin following the usage of MDMA. While this is a fairly common practice, there is no legitimate scientific research to verify the effectiveness.

Individuals who consume 5-HTP should be aware of the side effects and adverse reactions when used with other supplements or prescription medications. While serious side effects are somewhat rare, people can experience gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Studies have shown that 5-HTP combined with certain antidepressants can cause serotonin syndrome in rats; 5-HTP has not been associated with serotonin syndrome in humans.

New studies and evidence regarding 5-HTP are completed by pharmaceutical companies and independent labs. This may lead to some regulation of the use of 5-HTP supplements in the future.

What You Should Know about Breast Actives

Ever wonder why models and celebrities have large, firm and lifted breasts while you have small and saggy ones? Well, not everyone is gifted with big breasts but anyone has a chance to have them. If you are not among the gifted ones, you are not completely hopeless. Just like many celebrities and models who were once not gifted with perfect boobs, you can have the breasts you’ve always wanted and get a perfectly-shaped body with an amazing breast enhancement product known as Breast Actives.

Breast Actives

Breast actives is a very popular breast enhancement product which is advertised in several media programs such as CNN, MSN and USA TODAY. Not only is the product used by ordinary individuals but is also trusted and recognized by a lot of celebrities today. In just a period of two weeks’ use, you can have larger, firmer and lifted boobs that can definitely enhanced your confidence and overall look.

How it works

The product is a combination of several all-natural ingredients proven by science to aid in promoting breast augmentation through different ways such as hormonal changes. These ingredients include L-Tyrosine, Fennel Seed, Kelp, Red Cover Extract and Vitamin E. Together, these ingredients work in enhancing estrogen production, which in turn promotes the development of women’s characteristic features including growth of breasts.

Other ingredients of the product also work to make the skin and tissues in the breasts firmer. By tightening the breast muscles, your breasts will be lifted, giving it a larger appearance.

Is it the right product for you?

For a lot of women who have tried using the product, Breast Actives is perfect for breast enhancement. Here are some of the reasons why the product can also be the right one for you:

  1. It is all-natural

Since breast problem is a natural predicament, you must deal with it naturally. Resorting to surgery for breast augmentation is not recommended. Aside from being expensive, invasive surgery is very risky and is associated with a lot of side effects. Breast actives is an all-natural product which promotes breast enhancement without endangering your life. Although its effects are not as immediate as surgical procedures, you can develop larger breasts just the same without being at risk.

  1. It is trusted worldwide

The product is popular not only because of publicity. It has earned its reputation among women all over the world for being a real-effective and safe breast enhancement product. In fact, you can find a lot of reviews about it from different women who have finally found the answer to their breast problems.

  1. Easy to use

The product includes pills and cream formulations. Instructions on how to use the product are readily included upon purchase. It is very easy to get bigger boobs if you have Breast Actives as your number one tool.

It is not just wishful thinking to believe that you can have breasts as perfect as your favorite model or celebrity. With the right product at hand, you can have the best curve and shape you deserve and look your best. Visit the website of Breast Actives here and discover its life-changing effects.


Need Some Natural Sleeping Aid?

There are many explanations why you might be unable to sleep properly at night. Like age, tension, depression, menopause and stress, these are some of the outward symptoms that may cause people to suffer from insufficient sleep. For most of these reasons, Alteril can be a natural help to your normal sleeping patterns.

In today’s fast paced surroundings and culture, you don’t wish to be suffering from insufficient sleep, particularly if you’re in a very powerful occupation as it may affect your efficiency throughout the day. Throughout the course of time, it might even start to impact your health. Alteril is actually a natural sleeping aid. Its only objective is to provide you the sleep you require to work well every day. Its main element has been utilized to assist sleep problem, sufferers have more rest for several years.

The 2 main components in Alteril are L-Tryptophan and Melatonin. Melatonin is also referred to as N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine and it is an organic substance present in animals and plants. In animals, the substance is produced by the pineal gland in the blood vessels, helping to manage the natural sleep cycle. A problem resulting in an absence or reduced amount of melatonin could be treated by using Alteril regularly.

L-tryptophan is really an amino acid found in nearly all animal and plant proteins. When soaked into the entire body, it’s transformed into the neurotransmitter serotonin, that is the main reason for human pleasure.

Alteril functions by delivering these vital supplements in your blood vessels quickly. You need to take 1 or 2 pills before you go to bed at night. You’ll fall into sleep more quickly, enjoy deep sleep for a longer time, awaken infrequently in the midst of the night, and also have a better quality of sleeping all round. And the good thing is it’s organic and natural no unnatural components.

Sleep is an important aspect of the natural life cycle. It happens in 5 phases. A good living is one that’s full of peaceful sleep, that is needed for excellent memory and understanding ability. Sleep may also affect one’s central nervous system, your immunity process, sociable behaviors and normal feeling, as well as natural development and growth during your life cycle. Alteril assists in all 5 levels of sleep to make sure you have the sleep you require, so that you relax throughout all five levels of the sleep pattern.

Research has shown that insufficient sleep can boost mental and physical problems, cause much more tension, and reduce one’s normal immunity to health problems. It can cause major depression, high blood pressure, heart problems, frustration, slurred dialog, tremors, and sluggish response times throughout crises. Many vehicle accidents and severe weight gain are also caused by insufficient sleep. Taking Alteril helps to reduce the health risks related to insufficient sleep and result in better health all round.

Those who have enough sleep at night time, enjoy a healthy lifestyle. For those who have a sleep problem and find it hard to get a better night’s sleep, try out Alteril and enjoy your sleep styles, psychological command, and overall health improve naturally.


Flex belt – The Best Workout Alternative for those Six Pack Abs!

There are may products on the market that use NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) technology that claims to be a highly effective exercise alternative for training ab muscles. But do these products really work?

flex belt



Well, to get answer to this question you first need to dive into the science behind these belts. The idea of stimulating body muscles using electrical current is not new; doctors have been using such devices for years to rehabilitate stroke or accident victims. What’s new is idea of selling purely consumer versions in the form of belts for promoting fitness and bodybuilding.

The Technology behind the Flex Belt

When worn, the flex belt delivers the light pulsating current that causes abdominal muscles to involuntarily contract. You’ll feel light tingling sensation and you can adjust the intensity depending upon your fitness level. When used on a regular basis for extended periods of time, these contractions can help strengthen ab muscles.

Many studies done in the past prove that belts definitely have positive impact on the endurance and strength and test subjects also noticed that their mid-sections were more “firmed” and “toned”. So what does this mean? Well, the truth is that you won’t get six pack abs of your dreams just by using this belt alone. You will have to supplement it with proper diet and regular bodybuilding exercises to get that extra edge without those additional trips to the gym.

FDA Approved

What sets Flex Belt apart from its competitors is that it is fully approved by the FDA and also confirms to all the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC). It also uses a proprietary gel pad design that amply covers both the external obliques and central abdominal muscles. The special coating on the gel pads helps them to firmly adhere to the skin so the current is conducted effectively and safely.

Does Flex Belt work?

Yes, Flex Belt definitely works. 150 intensity levels and 10 ab training programs are there in this abdominal belt. A beginner will have to start from the scratch and then move up slowly through various levels. More intensity level means a much harder ab work-out for you. These workouts happen as the device in the belt sends nano electrical waves that travel through abdominal nerves causing muscles in the areas to contract or flex continuously.

How to use this flex belt?

The Flex Belt has three gel pads fixed on its inner sides. There is a separate device that resembles a remote control. You just have to wear the belt in a way that these gel pads touch your body. You can decrease or increase the current flow using the remote control.

Is it reliable?

Yes, Flex Belt is a reliable device that provides fast results within days. There are no side effects of using this device on continuous basis.

The bottom line is that with a balanced approach it’s possible to achieve those rock hard abs. A sensible diet, diligent regimen of bodybuilding exercises that target abs, and Flex Belt workouts will easily get you there.

The key to building great looking abs is working your muscles as much as possible, and with regular use of toning belt such as the Flexbelt, you can get the added workouts done anywhere at any time.


Who Else Wants Skin Whitening Forever?

bright-skinIt is not uncommon for people especially ladies to want to have a brighter and clearer skin. There are a number of ways employed to ensure the skin stays bright and light forever. While there are several products flooding the market claiming to help whitening the skin, most of these products have been discovered to not only give temporary skin remedy but in fact can be harmful to the skin.

One product that has been proven to give the desired result of having a bright skin for a very long time is the Skin Whitening Forever. The product ensures the skin is evenly tones and with the necessary guide included in the package, you are not left in the middle of the process wondering what the next step is. It is a natural program designed to give that bright light skin you have always wanted. The product is designed by the expert dermatologist Dr. Eden Diaz. The all natural program designed by this medical researcher have been found to have no side effects if the guide is carefully followed as there are no chemicals creams or pills involved. This leaves the skin bright and light for a very long time with no worries if side effects in the long run.

Unlike other skin whitening products, Skin whitening Forever provides whitening solutions that work wonders both in the long and short run. It teaches how an individual can maintain the skin in the future and the techniques given are set to leave the skin fair for a lifetime. Having a light skin does not require staying indoors forever just to stay away from the sun. And coupled with having the Skin whitening Forever product, there are also some other healthy ways to ensure the skin stays fair forever, for more info visit

Having a healthy and bright skin is also having the right lifestyle. Concerned persons should endeavor to take lots of water as it helps to keep the skin hydrated and it leaves the skin a lot fresher, brighter, and youthful. Having a cup of warm water mixed with lemon juice and some honey in the morning also gives a whitening effect to the skin. Milk and lemon are also good tools to aid the skin whitening process. Mixing lemon juice with some milk produces an excellent cleansing scrub for the face and the effect on the skin is simply refreshing.

Having a light skin should not be such a difficult task and with the above mentioned tips and techniques, one can actually have a bright, light, and healthy skin for as long as he or she wants.

The Secret of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green-Coffee-BeanGreen coffee bean extract products are highly rated in various platforms. Though it has a variety of benefits, its success can be attributed to its weight loss capabilities. It is made as a pure diet supplements as well as used as a component in alternative blends in other products. The extract is obtained from coffee beans that have not been roasted. The therapeutic and physiological enhancement properties that are experienced form use of the green coffee come from the chemical compounds found in the beans. Chlorogenic acid is the active ingredient that has the desired effects in the extract. Its levels are much higher in the green beans than in the roasted variety. Though there has been controversy surrounding the use of green coffee bean extract as a way to lose weight, the feedback from users in independent forums suggests that the product is effective, read more feedback here.


Benefits Derived

The mechanism of weight loss is achieved in a variety of ways. Chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. This regulates the blood glucose levels by slowing the rate of release and ensures that the total calorie intake is lowered. The amount of fat absorbed in the diet is also significantly reduced and less fat is stored within the body. The hormone responsible for burning fats, adiponectin, is also regulated and its function enhanced through the activity of chlorogenic acid.

Cholesterol levels and triglyceride content is also positively impacted by this compound. Appetite suppression has also been noted and it plays a positive role for those who have difficulty in maintaining stringent diets. Apart from weight loss, the acid also plays a role in the circulatory health of individuals. The risk of heart disease related to fats is reduced. Hypertension can also be managed efficiently in this way through the use of green coffee bean extract.

The presence of caffeine is also noted to be of some benefit in the product. Caffeine is said to boost metabolism significantly which works positively to enhance weight loss. It also reduces the fatigue and lethargy commonly associated with diet pills. With this considerable increase in energy, it is also possible to start on an exercise regime to advance the weight loss. The extract products also contain a high content of antioxidant which has multiple benefits. They mainly are involved in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.


Side Effects and Dosage

The correct dosage will depend on the concentration of the active ingredients. The manufacturer indicates the recommended intake and this should be strictly followed for optimal effect. The side effects that are noted are mostly related to caffeine. Because of this, most extract products have drastically decreased the levels of caffeine found. Those with adverse responses to caffeine should be diligent in establishing the content before consumption. The interactions between green coffee bean extract and the physiological processes in pregnant women are not clear so it not advisable to use it during that period. Taking a higher than necessary level of chlorogenic acid has been noted to increase levels of homocysteine which is an amino acid associated with heart diseases. If you are looking for a supplement that has multiple benefits, this is an ideal choice.

The Secret of Idol Lash

In this article you will find a comprehensive review of the product “Idol Lash” that for longer lashes should take care. It is a kind of gel that lubricates your eyelids to get long eyelashes. Idol lash is originally from America and has also become available in Netherlands to order over the internet. But is it good marketing from the manufacturer or Idol-lash really works for long eyelashes?


It took a while, but eventually I was able to start using it. A small bit of background info; my lashes are unfortunately long. It looks good, but also wanted to be a sometime of those real nice long eyelashes! The use of Idol Lash is very simple. The product seems much on eyeliner. You check out the tassel from the jar, you stroke with the brush on the edge of your eyelids and that’s it. You need Idol Lash daily before you go to sleep (after you have removed your makeup) to apply. It’s simple, although you do every night just to keep in mind.


I was pretty surprised, but my eyelashes actually started to look longer after a short period of time and even a whole lot longer. My eyelashes were barely visible before I used this product. When I saw the change, I used it for longer than a week. Idol-Lash is something that already shows clear difference, and after a number of weeks my eyelashes were very clearly visible and were curled. When I did my eyes wide open, I could feel the tops of my eyelashes against the skin under my eyebrows. A revolutionary feeling for me!!!!

IDOL-LASH EYELASH: Mascara VS Extentions

My initial reaction was so tremendously positive. My eyelashes were really a lot longer. I could easily go out without mascara on, although the effect of Idol Lash is really visible if you have a bit of mascara on. I also sometimes used wimperextentions, and the effect of the Idol-Lash (further without mascara or makeup) is good in terms of length, but wimperextentions are a lot more visible because they make your lashes black and much thicker. In short mascara is not a good replacement with Idol-Lash. Extensions can be a good choice.


idol lash


The first results of my Idol Lash test were very positive. There appeared to be the only 1 big problem. After a number of weeks (about 5) virtually all at the same time my lashes fell out and I kept all sad short eyelashes on. I then used still Idol-Lash, but no longer every night was quite faithful. For clarity; it was not like I had no more lashes, they were only suddenly extremely short. Your lashes will remain normal about 4 to 6 weeks. Then they fall out to make way for new lashes. This is a natural process, just like you lose your hair everyday. I had the idea that my lashes by using Idol-Lash were a lot longer and beautiful. After this dramatic goodbye to my long eyelashes; I used Idol-Lash with some less enthusiasm, but it works since then it was no more really good to me. Now I use the product no more. My lashes are now back on their ordinary length.


Idol Lash is doing excellent work in the first place, does not irritate and is easy to use. Over time, however, the product no longer worked with me, but what’s the exact cause of this was unfortunately I can’t figure out. Idol Lash is also unfortunately pretty pricey. In short; Idol Lash is definitely worth a try if you want longer eyelashes. However, please note that the product might work temporary and that you will have to get used to short eyelashes after a while.