Flex belt – The Best Workout Alternative for those Six Pack Abs!

There are may products on the market that use NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) technology that claims to be a highly effective exercise alternative for training ab muscles. But do these products really work?

flex belt



Well, to get answer to this question you first need to dive into the science behind these belts. The idea of stimulating body muscles using electrical current is not new; doctors have been using such devices for years to rehabilitate stroke or accident victims. What’s new is idea of selling purely consumer versions in the form of belts for promoting fitness and bodybuilding.

The Technology behind the Flex Belt

When worn, the flex belt delivers the light pulsating current that causes abdominal muscles to involuntarily contract. You’ll feel light tingling sensation and you can adjust the intensity depending upon your fitness level. When used on a regular basis for extended periods of time, these contractions can help strengthen ab muscles.

Many studies done in the past prove that belts definitely have positive impact on the endurance and strength and test subjects also noticed that their mid-sections were more “firmed” and “toned”. So what does this mean? Well, the truth is that you won’t get six pack abs of your dreams just by using this belt alone. You will have to supplement it with proper diet and regular bodybuilding exercises to get that extra edge without those additional trips to the gym.

FDA Approved

What sets Flex Belt apart from its competitors is that it is fully approved by the FDA and also confirms to all the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC). It also uses a proprietary gel pad design that amply covers both the external obliques and central abdominal muscles. The special coating on the gel pads helps them to firmly adhere to the skin so the current is conducted effectively and safely.

Does Flex Belt work?

Yes, Flex Belt definitely works. 150 intensity levels and 10 ab training programs are there in this abdominal belt. A beginner will have to start from the scratch and then move up slowly through various levels. More intensity level means a much harder ab work-out for you. These workouts happen as the device in the belt sends nano electrical waves that travel through abdominal nerves causing muscles in the areas to contract or flex continuously.

How to use this flex belt?

The Flex Belt has three gel pads fixed on its inner sides. There is a separate device that resembles a remote control. You just have to wear the belt in a way that these gel pads touch your body. You can decrease or increase the current flow using the remote control.

Is it reliable?

Yes, Flex Belt is a reliable device that provides fast results within days. There are no side effects of using this device on continuous basis.

The bottom line is that with a balanced approach it’s possible to achieve those rock hard abs. A sensible diet, diligent regimen of bodybuilding exercises that target abs, and Flex Belt workouts will easily get you there.

The key to building great looking abs is working your muscles as much as possible, and with regular use of toning belt such as the Flexbelt, you can get the added workouts done anywhere at any time.


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