The Secret of Idol Lash

In this article you will find a comprehensive review of the product “Idol Lash” that for longer lashes should take care. It is a kind of gel that lubricates your eyelids to get long eyelashes. Idol lash is originally from America and has also become available in Netherlands to order over the internet. But is it good marketing from the manufacturer or Idol-lash really works for long eyelashes?


It took a while, but eventually I was able to start using it. A small bit of background info; my lashes are unfortunately long. It looks good, but also wanted to be a sometime of those real nice long eyelashes! The use of Idol Lash is very simple. The product seems much on eyeliner. You check out the tassel from the jar, you stroke with the brush on the edge of your eyelids and that’s it. You need Idol Lash daily before you go to sleep (after you have removed your makeup) to apply. It’s simple, although you do every night just to keep in mind.


I was pretty surprised, but my eyelashes actually started to look longer after a short period of time and even a whole lot longer. My eyelashes were barely visible before I used this product. When I saw the change, I used it for longer than a week. Idol-Lash is something that already shows clear difference, and after a number of weeks my eyelashes were very clearly visible and were curled. When I did my eyes wide open, I could feel the tops of my eyelashes against the skin under my eyebrows. A revolutionary feeling for me!!!!

IDOL-LASH EYELASH: Mascara VS Extentions

My initial reaction was so tremendously positive. My eyelashes were really a lot longer. I could easily go out without mascara on, although the effect of Idol Lash is really visible if you have a bit of mascara on. I also sometimes used wimperextentions, and the effect of the Idol-Lash (further without mascara or makeup) is good in terms of length, but wimperextentions are a lot more visible because they make your lashes black and much thicker. In short mascara is not a good replacement with Idol-Lash. Extensions can be a good choice.


idol lash


The first results of my Idol Lash test were very positive. There appeared to be the only 1 big problem. After a number of weeks (about 5) virtually all at the same time my lashes fell out and I kept all sad short eyelashes on. I then used still Idol-Lash, but no longer every night was quite faithful. For clarity; it was not like I had no more lashes, they were only suddenly extremely short. Your lashes will remain normal about 4 to 6 weeks. Then they fall out to make way for new lashes. This is a natural process, just like you lose your hair everyday. I had the idea that my lashes by using Idol-Lash were a lot longer and beautiful. After this dramatic goodbye to my long eyelashes; I used Idol-Lash with some less enthusiasm, but it works since then it was no more really good to me. Now I use the product no more. My lashes are now back on their ordinary length.


Idol Lash is doing excellent work in the first place, does not irritate and is easy to use. Over time, however, the product no longer worked with me, but what’s the exact cause of this was unfortunately I can’t figure out. Idol Lash is also unfortunately pretty pricey. In short; Idol Lash is definitely worth a try if you want longer eyelashes. However, please note that the product might work temporary and that you will have to get used to short eyelashes after a while.

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